Race Art Technology SA is the brainchild of Manuel Maneschi, young Swiss engineer who, after graduating from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), he completed his training in Italy, China, Germany and the USA in a companies and among teams the most popular in the industry.After that, thanks to the experience, in-depth market research, to the favorable geographical position of Switzerland and to the high demands and requirements at European level, an "Atelier" has been operational since 2006 in the Canton Ticino , specialized in Motorsport / Rally in preparation of racing cars and in the management and assistance in the race. Specifically, from the outset, the Team specializes itself on cars of the Japanese automobile company "Mitsubishi Motors Corporation" of different evolutions .

Race Art Technology debuted in the renowned "Rally del Ciocco" from 17 to 19 March 2006, race valid for the "Italian Rally Championship" (CIR), with the car Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX owned by the Team and a good level of technical and mechanical preparation during the service assistances.

In 2008, the team participates in the "Italian Rally Championship" with the crew Signor - Lamonato, in the "Trofeo Rally Terra" with the crew Ceccoli - Biondi and in the "Swiss Rally Championship " with Blaser – Jollien. In the same year the first success on the asphalt in "38 (first of group N) and in September in the Championship during "27 fact the crew Ceccoli - Blond triumphs over hard land.

In the following years the team is present on the most important stages in Europe and becomes a point of reference for the most popular teams in the industry for what concerns the service of spare parts which, thanks to a fully stocked warehouse with a full range of spare parts, availability and professionalism at the top in the industry, are integral and active part of the group. All spare parts and components for special equipment are secured and respect the traffic rules and safety.

The collaboration on the one hand with professional drivers of national and international caliber such Blaser, Medici, Ceccoli, Fontana, Gianfico, Noberasco, Villa, Signor, Liceri, Bulgarini, Lavio, Tiramani, Consoli, Travaglia, Michelini, Isik and others, from on the other hand the support of important trading partners, over the years contribute to the success and growth of the Team.

The 2012 season marks a turning point for Race Art Technology: opens the door to new interesting and challenging projects. In fact, after careful assessment of the potential market of the racing cars and in the specific category Super 2000, the team approaches the project of the new ŠKODA Fabia Super 2000 Evo 2, super competitive car of the Czech "ŠKODA AUTO a.s.", that won the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) in 2010-2011 and 2012. So arrives inside the Team, alongside two cars Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, the ŠKODA Fabia S2000 n° 38 with which the team prepares to meet new and interesting contests in the field of motorsport and starts to cooperate with relevant crews.

Comes also the partnership with the Swiss official importer "AMAG Automobil - und Motoren AG - Division ŠKODA" for supporting the central project "ŠKODA Motorsport". Ambitious and fast riders such as Baldacci and Colombini from San Marino, the Swiss champions Hotz, Althaus, Ritter and Roux, and the young Russian driver Kondrakhin, debut in 2012 and 2013 on the car and they test themselves, competing on spectacular and challenging routes both on gravel and asphalt in the Swiss confederation, in the Italian peninsula but also on demanding special stages in other European countries, obtaining good results and achieving respectable positions.

The slogan of the Team ..... "The greatest success: What's Coming!"

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