ŠKODA Swiss Motorsport

Since the arrival of the ŠKODA Fabia Super 2000 car at the Team, Race Art Technology aims to support the project "ŠKODA Motorsport" of the Czech company "ŠKODA AUTO a.s." which provides the creation of official satellite teams in different countries, supported by the local importers.

The Team, native of the Swiss Confederation and specifically belonging to the Canton Ticino, so starts to relate to the Swiss official importer "AMAG Automobil - und Motoren AG - Division ŠKODA" dealer for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA brand, with headquarters in Schinznach-Bad in German Switzerland.

From the partnership between the two corporate structures, Race Art Technology becomes exclusive licensee throughout Switzerland of the "ŠKODA Swiss Motorsport" brand, sponsored by the Team during all the sporting events and non-, both nationally and internationally, in such a way as to increase ŠKODA brand visibility.

Is thus created in collaboration with designers Czechs, the Swiss official livery ŠKODA Motorsport for the Fabia S2000 that so glows even of the Swiss colors. The bright green metallic, typical of the ŠKODA brand, characterizes the lower part of the car, while predominates the white in the middle, on the hood and roof, the center of which stands the Winged Arrow, symbol of the brand corporate. Obvious references to Switzerland: the flag and inserts in the colors red and white are present on all parts of the car.

The official Team ŠKODA Swiss Motorsport debuts at "15° Rally Ronde del Ticino", on days 22 to 23 June 2012 in the city of Lugano, with a crew that is a flagship for the whole of Switzerland: the champion-driver Grégoire Hotz, sixtime winner of the title in the Swiss Rally Championship, with at his side Pietro Ravasi, getting a well deserved 3rd place in both the absolute standing and class Super 2000, after an exciting race.